Funko Time • Esmeralda

Funko Time Esmeralda

It’s been a while since I have done a Funko Time post hasn’t it? I mentioned in my last Pop in a Box post how I recently watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame again and how it reminded me about my love for Esmeralda growing up. So, I was then super pleased to open her Funko Pop up on my birthday. She was always one of my favourite characters growing up and she is so underrated in my opinion, so I am glad Funko are finally giving her the credit she deserves.

I used to love watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I was younger, dancing along with Esmeralda and just loving her in general. It’s not until I watched it again recently, that I remembered how dark the film actually is. I’m really surprised it didn’t scare me when I was little, as I was scared of pretty much everything ha. Let’s face it, I pretty much still am though.

Esmeralda Funko Pop

This pop version of Esmeralda is just perfect. I love her pose and I am glad Funko decided to go with this outfit from the film too. She looks absolutely spot on, although I do think they needed to create Djali the goat to be with her. I love it when Pops have little sidekicks with them, especially cute ones like Djali too. This Esmeralda is really well made, the paintwork is pretty spot on and I just love her. We desperately need to put some more shelves up, but as soon as we do, she will take pride of place next to Quasimodo. ❤


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