Knight & Wilson • PurePlex Revolutionary Hair Repair System

Knight & Wilson - PurePlex Revolutionary Hair Repair System

It’s mad to think that I have been bleaching my hair for well over 3 years now. As much as I try to take care of my hair, I always struggle to get it feeling soft with all of the bleaching that I do. I sometimes go through stages where I am genuinely surprised that is still on my head. Like I say, I do try and look after it, but bleach can be bad and my hair is definitely not in the same condition that it was before peroxide came into my life. I have seen so many things on Twitter about the Olaplex Hair Treatment and knew this was the kind of thing that I needed to help my hair out. I don’t really have Olaplex money, so decided to do a little bit of investigation and discovered an at home treatment called PurePlex.

PurePlex is made by Knight and Wilson, who make the most amazing hair dyes. In fact the last 3 colours I have had have been made by this brand. They are definitely worth checking out if you fancy an unusual colour! They last ages too, I haven’t touched up this blue in months. Although trying to fade them can also be a bit of a pain, but then blue can be a nightmare to fade anyway.

Knight & Wilson - PurePlex review

The kit contains 1 PurePlex treatment, with everything you need included. The treatment is made up of 4 stages:

Part 1 – Clarifying Shampoo.

Part 2 – Bond Protecting Treatment.

Part 3 – Bond Reconstructing Treatment.

Part 4 – Conditioner.

The instructions were really easy to follow and the whole process was done in about an hour by the time I washed each step off, which I didn’t think was too long at all for a treatment.

Let me show you a little before and after…

Knight & Wilson - PurePlex before


This is my hair before the treatment. I try to use a mask when I can, but it has been feeling a little worse for wear. I think the bleaching is finally starting to catch up with me, although I don’t want to give it up just yet! My hairdresser always tells me that the condition isn’t too bad though, so that’s something! Luckily I don’t have too many split ends, the ends just feel really, really dry. My hair just lost its bounce and just looks a bit lifeless.

Knight & Wilson - PurePlex after


This is my hair after the treatment once I had let it dry naturally. The main thing is that my curls have come back and I can’t even describe how soft my hair feels. I have washed it a few times since and it still seems to have kept its softness which is great.

As I haven’t tried Olaplex, I don’t know how it can compare but I think this has worked amazingly on my hair. I think I will definitely try to do this after each bleaching session now, just to put some strength back into my mop. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone that has bleached or over coloured their hair as mine honestly feels great. I can’t even imagine how good it will start to be feeling again after a few treatments.

Now that my hair is all nice and refreshed, I’m ready to take on a new colour again LOL. ❤

Available from Superdrug.


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