Funko Time • Baby Pegasus

Funko Time Baby Pegasus

When I saw that Hercules Funko Pops were being released last year, I knew another collection was on the horizon. There was one Funko Pop in particular which caught my eye straightaway – Baby Pegasus of course! What a little cutie and I was lucky enough to be given him as a present from Lewis’ brother too. I loved Hercules back in the day and remember when my brother got me a Megara doll for my birthday and I realised he didn’t actually hate me as much as I thought LOL. She was one of my favourite dolls too, along with Pocahontas. Little fact for you there.

Funko Time Baby Pegasus

Anyway, Baby Pegasus is just the cutest little thing, in fact I think I would go as far to say that he is up there in the top list of the cutest pops ever. I think it’s the baby aspect, everything looks cuter as a baby doesn’t it? I love the way he is sitting and his tiny little wings too, just everything about him is perfect. He has such an expressive little face and currently sits on the ‘cute’ shelf with Meeko and Thumper.

There are so many Funko Pops that I love lately, although we are starting to run out of space slightly now. I think it’s time for more shelves! That’s probably a bit more realistic than a bigger house. Before we know it, the room will just be filled with shelves and Funko’s. Not that I mind, it’s Geeky Heaven and I love it.

I can’t actually remember the last time I saw Hercules, but I feel a little film afternoon and singalong coming on. I am really not a fan of Live Action remakes, but I actually think if this one was done properly, it would be pretty good.


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