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Venom funko pop

I can’t believe the Venom film is finally out but I still haven’t managed to see it yet. You see I have this habit of wanting to see a film for ages and then when it finally comes out, I end up waiting until it comes out on DVD. I am such a scrooge when it comes to the cinema, I hate paying for it, I just find it so expensive. Luckily for me, I get cinema tickets with my health insurance, I just need to make sure I do enough steps to earn them. Annoyingly Lewis has been letting me down on the step front lately, so no tickets for us this week. Gah!

Venom Funko Time

Enough of my lack of cinema moaning though and onto this evil little Pop! Venom has always been one of my favourite Villains, so when Lewis picked up this Funko a few years ago now, I was really pleased as I knew that when we moved in together he would technically be mine too. Mwahaha! There is just something about this Funko that I love. He isn’t my usual type as I tend to go for the Disney cutesie ones, but he is so evil looking, I kinda like it. Although, I do think he looks slightly like a duck, so maybe not very evil at all! For one of the earlier Funko Pops, he is pretty well made too, I can’t really see any dodgy paintwork either, but then he is pretty much all black, so they couldn’t really go too wrong lol!

Lewis is under strict instructions to walk more, so we get a ticket and I am really hoping to see the film this week, I need my dose of Tom Hardy ASAP! I love the new Venom Pops too, especially the Eddie Brock and Iron Man versions. ❤


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