Pop in a Box • November

the child with cup funko pop

Pop in a Box are really hitting the nail on the head with the monthly Funko Pop’s I am receiving lately. I know it is mainly down to me as I tick the ones that I want, but I always forget to do that bit lol. Luckily I haven’t really had any duff ones, so have continued to keep my collection growing nicely.

Every week we have been waiting for the new episodes of The Mandalorian to come out, just for our Baby Yoda fix and just like that, I only opened him in my latest box! There are so many different Funko versions of The Child around and I was sent The Child with Cup. I’m not going to lie, I love all versions of the cute little guy, so I would have been happy with any of them to be honest.

the child with cup funko pop in a box

I am OBSESSED with Baby Yoda and he is definitely one of the cutest little characters to come out of Disney, I would even go as far as to say EVER. I just love seeing his cute little face every week and I want all of the merch around now.

This Funko Pop is just super sweet. Granted, it isn’t as cute as some of the Baby Yoda merch that is around but it is still really sweet nonetheless. I’m not a massive fan of bobbleheads (I have a habit of knocking them off somehow), but the wobbly little head here just adds to his cuteness. I just need to make sure I am super careful as it might scar me for life if his head ends up rolling across the floor.

I’m really enjoying The Mandalorian and the latest season is definitely getting me through the current lockdown. I think I might even start them all again when I get to the end! ❤


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