Monthly Wishlist • November

November 2020 wishlist

Happy November! I hope you are all doing okay and looking after yourselves. I am stuck in a bit of a Lockdown rut at the minute, so trying to stick to some sort of routine to get me through. I quite liked how the house was decorated before, but looking at the same walls constantly, I have never wanted to redecorate so much in my life ha! Keeping in with the routine, I am trying to get back to blogging as it is my happy place, so what better way to get stuck back in, than a wishlist..

Beauty Bay / Melt Cosmetics ‘Queen Bee’ Digital Dust Duo Blush – I have wanted to try Melt Cosmetics for absolutely ages. This blush is just so pretty and the shimmer is right up my street. The only problem I find with things like this though, is that they are too pretty to dig into.

Little Miss Christmas Tee / Truffle Shuffle – I normally try and save the Christmassy bits for my December wishlist BUT it’s 2020 so Christmas is starting early. I love this tee and feel it would be perfect when I am working from home blasting out the Christmas songs.

Bomb Cosmetics Christmas Bath Blasters – The selection of Bath Bombs in the Bomb Cosmetics Christmas range are just the cutest. I do love a nice bath bomb and festive themed ones are even better. Make anything Christmassy and I am in LOVE.

Neon Pokémon Dress / EMP – This dress couldn’t be any more me. The style of it is totally what I always go for and OMG it’s covered in Pokémon! I need this in my life as soon as possible.

Loungefly Disney Cats Purse / Truffle Shuffle – Eeee Loungefly have so many good launches at the moment and the latest one I have now become obsessed with, is the Disney cats pattern. Disney cats are my favourite and I just love this so much.

MAC Cosmetics Christmas Collection – MAC Christmas collections are always a bit hit or miss for me. This year’s is a massive hit though, it all just looks so pretty. I really like the look of this lipstick set too. I would happily wear all of the shades, although it does make me miss old times where I was only concerned about the colour, not so much if it would stay on under a mask.

I am nearly in full on Christmas mode now. Although I am worried how long the tree will be up before Frank and the cats team up and rip it back down again. I think this may be going up in the next few weeks ❤


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