Monthly Roundup • November

Monthly Roundup November 2020

How on earth are we a few days into December already? Some days it feels like this year has absolutely dragged and others the time from March until now has just flown by. I am so glad we are finally in Festive season though. It really is the most wonderful time of the year, even though this year will be completely different. I am trying not to get too hung up on how different it will be though, as I am already missing all of the Festive things that I do throughout December usually. But in the scheme of things as long as everyone stays safe, it doesn’t really matter and that really is the most important thing.

Obviously as I am in England, November for me has meant Lockdown all over again! To be completely honest, I had only really been going to the odd place since March anyway so the actual going out aspect didn’t really affect me too much. I walked Frank as normal, but I think the mix of getting darker earlier and the drearier days meant this Lockdown hit me a lot harder.

As I haven’t been anywhere, my roundup photos mainly consist of Frank…shock. I mean, I couldn’t go out so may as well have sat taking photos of the dog lol. He is like my little sidekick, he goes everywhere that I do and always does something to make me chuckle away. Just the positions I look down and find him in are comical. Misty absolutely loves him too and I can’t get over the cute, she is always trying to snuggle up next to him, but when she tries to clean him he gets totally confused.

Last weekend, we finally gave in and popped the Christmas tree up too. I am the type of person that would usually have the tree up from March if I could, so any excuse to get it up early is good enough for me to be honest.

I hope you are all having a lovely December so far and keeping safe through the festive season. ❤


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