Pop in a Box • October

Corpse Bride Victor Funko Pop

This Funko Pop really couldn’t have come at a better time of year. Pop in a Box really hit the nail on the head sending me Victor from Corpse Bride just in time for Halloween. I love the film Corpse Bride so much, to be honest I love anything Tim Burton does but Corpse Bride really is one of my favourites. I always watch it this time of year, which is how I spent my Sunday. Having the cosiest film afternoon whilst the weather was rubbish outside.

Now we had a minor accident with little old Victor involving our precious Frank. I say accident, but what I really mean is Frank managed to get hold of the box when I popped out and shredded it into confetti. Luckily he didn’t do too much damage to Victor or Scraps, although you can see little teeth marks in his legs. I am surprised he didn’t try to eat little Scraps though, as normally anything that size is gobbled up. I think the stand got thrown away with the confetti pieces though, so it’s a bit annoying that I can’t stand Victor up at the moment.

Corpse Bride Victor Funko Pop

Apart from the chew marks which are obviously not Funko’s fault, this Funko Pop is really nicely made. I love the detail of Victors hair and Scraps is just the cutest little thing. He is currently sat on my makeup shelf as he makes me super happy when I sit and do my makeup in the morning.

The only thing that slightly irritates me with Corpse Bride though, is that I think that he should be with Emily not Victoria in the end. I watch it in the hope I change my mind, but I am always disappointed that he stays with Victoria.

Now I just think I need to treat myself to Emily to sit on the shelf with Victor. I can’t have him being all lonely can I?! ❤


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