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vampire jack funko pop

Happy Halloween! I honestly don’t know where October has gone at all. On the one hand, it has absolutely sped by, but on the other it feels like I have been counting down the days until payday for years now. Halloween is a bit of a funny one for me, I like the idea of it and I like all the decorations that appear at this time of year but I hate, hate, hate being scared. I don’t even enjoy it, I get scared and I want to cry for days. It just really isn’t worth it, so I will stick in my little spooky corner and enjoy the cute stuff! Talking of cute stuff, my Pop in a Box for October came and they really hit the nail on the head when it came to this month’s pop. In true Spooky season style I got Vampire Jack from The Nightmare Before christmas.

vampire jack funko pop

As we all know The Nightmare Before Christmas is totally in my top Christmas/Halloween films ever. I must have watched it several times this year already and it definitely won’t be the last time either. I mean, it’s technically a Christmas film as well, right?

I just love all of The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pop’s that are out there at the moment and I have a lovely little NBC themed shelf going on too. Vampire Jack just looks so swish in his cape, although I probably don’t need any more Jack Skellington’s in my collection as I seem to have millions now. I’m not too sure who I am kidding though, as I will never have enough pops, although my shelf space is telling me differently! This little guy is just lovely and I am so pleased I got him ready for spooky season.

I’m not gunna lie, I am one of those people that turns into Christmas mode as soon as the clock strikes midnight tonight though, so beware. Next stop – Christmas!


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