Monthly Roundup • October

monthly roundup october

Eeeeek how is it November? I really don’t know where October went at all, it feels like I blinked and before I knew it had disappeared. I have had such a chilled out month, but saying that, anything compared to getting married in September would be chilled ha! It has been absolutely lovely though and I did manage to do a few little cute things at least.

I did the first makeup look that I have done in a LOOOONG time and blooming loved it! I took part in the Boots Halloween campaign which was so much fun. I feel so inspired again and will definitely be bringing makeup looks back to the blog. I don’t know why, but I always get flooded with self doubt when it comes to makeup, but I am hoping if I start sharing makeup looks again it will help me out a little.

I picked up the cutest Gremlin pyjamas from Primark. I feel like now is definitely the best time of year for Primark pyjamas, although I usually have to avoid it or it may be a case that nobody gets Christmas presents.

Halloween happened and I picked up these ghost crumpets to celebrate the occasion. I feel like all crumpets should be ghost shaped now as they were amazing! I also picked up these mini pumpkins and decided to use my Sharon Needles pop to create my favourite Halloweenie photo ever.

I finally found Orange Twirls. After searching around, I was so excited to find them. I really like them too, I’m not a massive fan of Twirls usually but orange chocolate is totally my thing and I will definitely be getting some more.

We also went to Wales to see my brother, celebrate our wedding and have a little games night. We had such a lovely time and I wrote all about it here.

As usual Meowth and Misty are little cuties. They aren’t enjoying the cold too much though, but it does mean they snuggle up together more which is just the sweetest thing ever.

October served me well and I can’t wait to see what November brings. One thing I know is that it will definitely be the start of me getting a little festive as I like Christmas to arrive as early as possible. ❤


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