Pop in a Box • March

gold black panther funko pop

It’s Pop in a Box time, yay! It feels like forever since I last opened a pop, even though it was only a month ago, it feels like a lot longer. March has been a bit of a funny month, some days have felt super long but then when I look back it has actually flown by. Spring is a’coming my friends.

This month in my little box of dreams I opened a Gold Chrome Edition Black Panther. I absolutely love the Black Panther movie, it is one of my favourite Marvel films. I just love everything about it, I could happily watch it over and over. In fact, I think I have probably watched this one more than any of the other Marvel films.

gold black panther funko pop review

There does seem to be a bit of a theme going on at the minute with my Pop in a Boxes, as I have got quite a few gold pops in a row. I don’t mind too much though, as it is helping me get a step closer to completing a collection for once. I know that I said it before but the detail on the gold pops is so good. Considering it is only really done with shapes and engraving, I love it. Black Panther is one of my favourites goldies though, he is perfect. The eagle eyed among you will notice my reflection in the Pop photo’s above too, doh!

Surprisingly, this is the first Funko that I have from Black Panther franchise. There are just so many I want, I think I would need a new house to store them all in, so I think I need to restrain myself. I do love the NYCC Okoye Pop with the removable wig though, so I am hoping to make an exception just for her. ❤


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  1. 26th March 2019 / 4:13 am

    This is a really nice figure, he looks great in gold and there’s so much detail xoxo