Falling In Love With Blogging Again..

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One thing that I have really started to fall in love with again lately is this little blog. I started The Mini Mermaid as a little happy place for me to escape to when I had a few hours spare. Over the years, I must admit there have been times where I feel like it had lost it’s purpose a little bit and I really wondered why I carried on. I will be completely honest, there have been moments where I have sat and wondered why I don’t get opportunities that others do and I rarely get contacted by brands. Sometimes I do sit and wonder where I am going wrong, but the fact is, I have never stopped enjoying this space and I am actually really proud of what I have created. Jealousy is an ugly thing and it’s definitely taken for me to stop comparing myself and becoming obsessed with stats for me to properly enjoy this space again.

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Social Media on the other hand is a whole different ball game. There just seems to be so much negativity around recently and I am not enjoying it at all. The online world has just become a little oversensitive at the moment, it feels like nothing is open for debate anymore. It’s almost as though there is only one opinion allowed and nobody can have a discussion without the drama lovers appearing. Don’t get me wrong some of the comments are justified but then some of the things I read I just can’t help but eye roll. It’s a shame as I used to be able to log on to Twitter and have a fun, engaging conversation, now it just feels like there are people on there lurking, ready to drag the next person down. I don’t really use Social Media as much as I used to at all, it’s either Twitter being annoying or Instagram doing everything it possibly can to work against people. I’m finding it really draining at the moment.

I am hoping I can move my love of blogging back over to Social Media too. I do hope that you enjoy reading my posts as much as I still enjoy writing them and I want to thank you all for still sticking around. I also hope that Twitter becomes nice again and Instagram change their algorithm back. Well, a girl can dream right!? ❤


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  1. 27th March 2019 / 6:16 pm

    Yeah social media, especially Twitter, is just a cesspool of negativity. I’ve tried to curate my social spaces to not breed that and I rarely get into long debates on the platform.