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As you probably know if you follow me on all of the Social’s, I have just come back from Ibiza. I say just come back, somehow it’s been a week?! Where has that week gone please? I wasn’t really too sure if I was going to do a post about this holiday, as it was a bit of a funny one. I actually don’t know where to start really. We were so lucky to be able to go on holiday this year, as we didn’t think it would be able to happen. There have been so many things going on lately and Lewis being made redundant was just the final straw. Luckily he managed to get something pretty quickly and we gave in and booked a last minute trip to Ibiza.

Let’s just say that Ibiza wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be at all! Some parts were absolutely beautiful, but lets just say that some were not. I worded that wrong actually, it’s not that island that isn’t beautiful, more so the people that appear in some areas. I don’t want this to turn into a moan and I definitely don’t want to come across like an ungrateful cow as I’m really not. I have decided that I will always research an area before I book in future LOL.

Anyway, I want to show you some of the photo’s of the good times we had. Most of these were put on my Instagram anyway, but they are too pretty not to pop on here too. It’s funny as this is a prime example of not showing bad things on Social Media. From the outside it probably looked like we were having a whale of a time, but the reality was slightly different. I am SO dramatic haha!

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One thing I did love about Ibiza was the sunset. I could happily watch that beauty everyday and never get bored, it really was breathtaking. I don’t think photos actually do it justice, it is so magical in real life.

I actually learnt something on this holiday too and that was being comfortable in myself. I have always struggled with my appearance and I think I always will. Photo’s of me very rarely happen, especially if they have my body in. This holiday was different though, I’ve completely changed my diet and have started to feel so much better in myself. Lewis managed to take some photos of me that I actually liked too! *shocked emoji* I have never felt like this before, maybe I am just starting to accept myself and I am starting to love this feeling. Feeling like this, it is starting to sound like Ibiza wasn’t so bad after all?! ❤


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  1. 13th September 2018 / 7:13 pm

    Although I’m sure you had a lovely time (in some ways) I’m also sad to hear it wasn’t a perfect holiday, especially as I can only imagine you’d both been stressed out due to what happened to Lewis and just wanted a holiday away to relax and forget about that!

    Ibiza sounds like such a lovely place to go, but at the same time I can only imagine it’s still a party island, full of young teenagers, drug users and party animals alike!

    I’m intrigued now though about the bad parts, just out of interest really! It sucks when you go on holiday and it sucks!

    Out of all the years I have been to Fuerteventura, one year I went it was awful… The weather was awful. It was just cold and even the residents were telling me how cold it was. It sucked to be fair, especially as it was the first time D had been too. It was just a shame and it sucks when stuff like that happens. 🙁

    I am just so pleased to hear you’ve gained some body confidence, you look fucking fabulous in your picture with the spotty dress! But to be fair sweet pea, you always look fabulous. <3