Monthly Roundup • January

January 2021

Why is it January lasted 400 days and February seems to be flying by? I can’t believe we are a week in already and I haven’t yet done my January roundup post…again. Obviously, lockdown makes it hard to do anything different, but I did manage to do a few nice things…

I treated myself to a Tefal Cake Factory just after Christmas and OMG I cannot stop baking. I have always loved baking but am pretty rubbish with it. This allows me to bake things that I would never have dreamed of attempting before. It’s like a mini oven, but has different modes and will create the perfect environment for baking. So far I have made cookies, brownies, bread and drizzle cakes. I might pop a post up soon as I have been using it every weekend for a little bit of chill out time and it has been a game changer.

We had a little bit of snow finally. We never get snow here, my parents always tell me it’s cause we are in a ‘dip’ but it is something that has annoyed me since I was little seeing everyone else enjoying the snow. Frank went out for his first snow experience and it was the cutest thing. Once we actually managed to get him out of the door that is.

I posted an outfit/selfie kind of shot on Instagram and you all made me feel so loved. I really struggle with loving myself and it was actually nice to push myself out of my comfort zone and put myself on the gram. I think I will try and do it more, I really want to work on my confidence and learn not to worry about other peoples opinions, so will try and get myself out there more.

I made an Adventure Time sticker and am so proud of myself. As well as baking, I have got back into drawing a lot more this lockdown. I drew this little guy up and then cut him out on my Cricut, it was so fun and I just want to spend the days making sticker sheets now.

As usual the pets have kept me sane. Honestly, the cute little things they do throughout the day just keep me going. If it isn’t Misty nicking Frank’s bed, it’s Meowth just being Meowth. January wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t have those little fools being them.

I hope January was kind to you all. We are getting there, slowly but surely, the end is a little closer. ❤


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