BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette review

A good few weeks ago, as I was doing my weekly tour of the Boots beauty counters, I started to swatch the Zodiac Love Signs Palette by BH Cosmetics. Now every time I seem to go into Boots lately, they have new beauty stands, which is amazing for me, but not so good for my willpower or bank balance. I hadn’t seen the BH Cosmetics stand in there before, so I decided to stand there and create a little eyeshadow rainbow on my hand. I hadn’t tried anything from BH Cosmetics and after playing with the first few shades, I fell in love a little and made the plunge.

BH Cosmetic Love Signs Palette

The Zodiac Love Signs palette has a little bit of everything going on. There are brights, nudes, shimmers and mattes with the cutest little highlighter in the middle of them all. The design of this palette is a typical flip open palette with a nice layout for the eyeshadows inside. I really like the layout of this palette, it is set out like a Horoscope chart with each shade split into a Zodiac sign circling the highlighter in the middle. The shimmer shades run around the outside of the palette and the complimenting matte shade sits underneath. The palette itself is light to hold and has a mirror, which is good for someone like me who has to stand at her bedroom window to get enough light to apply makeup ha.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette review

The inside of this palette is just so pretty to look at, I just love the shade range, it works so well. Being a sparkly queen myself, I obviously love the shimmery shades and the variety is what made me fall in love.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette swatchesBH Cosmetics Zodiac matte swatches

Scorpio / Libra / Virgo / Leo / Cancer / Gemini

Let’s start with the shimmers and how pretty they are. This side of the palette just works so well together and I love how Leo, Cancer and Gemini look next to each other. The shimmery shades are really pigmented and I loved swatching them. These shades are so warm looking and I am a huge fan.

The matte shades on the other hand, I did have a bit of trouble with. They have a really chalky texture to them and picking up the right amount of eyeshadow was slightly hit or miss. You can see in the swatches above, some of the shades definitely come across better than the others. I really struggled with Virgo, as I just couldn’t get it to blend at all. Gemini was a dream though, so I think some of the mattes take a lot more effort to work in than others.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette swatchesBH Cosmetics Zodiac matte swatches

Taurus / Aries / Pisces / Aquarius / Capricorn / Sagittarius 

Like the other side of the palette, the shimmery shades just work a lot better. The texture of them and the shade range is just lovely. I am in love with Taurus too, which just so happens to be my sign so I will take that. The shades on this side of the palette are a lot cooler, but I like that as there is a nice variety throughout.

The matte shades on this side definitely seem a lot better to work with. Aries is super pretty and I love the pop that Capricorn brings. The darker and brighter shades really seem to work a lot better and don’t seem to break up as much as the lighter shades do.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac highlighter

The highlighter included is just lovely. I like my highlighters to be nice and pigmented and this one does the trick nicely. It has a really lovely shimmer to it and I have been using it every day to add the nicest little glow. And yes, I did add a little touch to my skull tattoo’s cheekbone as I didn’t want him to feel left out!

Zodiac Love Signs Palette Review

I told you I liked Leo, Cancer and Gemini together so I decided to create a little look. They all blend so nicely and the colours really remind me of fruit salad sweeties. I used the matte version of Leo in this look too and it blended a lot better than expected. It did take a lot more blending than the shimmers, but after a while it is workable. The shades lasted really well too, after a few hours they didn’t lose their boldness and didn’t gather in the crease either which is perfect.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Zodiac Love Signs palette. For the price, I honestly didn’t know what to expect at all but this is definitely worth the money. The shimmer shades are just spot on and the mattes take a little bit of work, but you do get there with them in the end. ❤


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