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PIAB EXC Pinocchio Funko Pop

When Pop in a Box emailed me last month to say I would be receiving an Exclusive Disney Funko Pop for September’s subscription, I just couldn’t wait. I honestly had no idea what it would be, but figured if it was Disney, there was a 99% chance I would absolutely love it and I was right. The Pop arrived whilst I was away on holiday, which I could have almost guaranteed would have happened, but luckily it was still at the Post Office when I got back. When I opened it, I was so pleased to see the cutest PIAB Exclusive Pinocchio inside.

PIAB EXC Pinocchio Funko Pop reviewPIAB EXC Pinocchio Funko Pop in a box

Pinocchio is just the cutest little guy and I just love the story. I can’t remember the last time I watched Pinocchio, it is such a cute little film, but I think I was about 10 the last time I saw it. Growing up, my life consisted of The Lion King, any princess film, The Aristocats on a loop so I didn’t really have too much time for other films. I do remember watching this though and loving Figaro the cat of course.

I love the detail on this little guy, his little outfit is perfect and he is really well made too. I like how he is slightly different from other Funko’s and has so much character. I like that he has a long nose, as the original Pinocchio Funko has a short nose and you couldn’t really tell it was him. I am so pleased with this pop, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I love him. I think the Jimmy Cricket on his nose is the cutest little touch. He has the most expressive face too!

It’s so nice that this Funko is Exclusive to Pop in a Box, I don’t have too many exclusives, so it’s nice to add this one to my collection. ❤


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