MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow • Frostwinked + Young Venus

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow

I honestly cannot remember the last time I treated myself to anything MAC. I used to be all over their collections when I first started blogging but as time has gone on, I have been swayed by other brands a little more. That was until I spotted the Extra Dimension collection in store before my holiday. There is just something about this one that is right up my street, the magpie within me as usual was tempted by the shimmery goodness. My true indecisiveness kicked in and after a good time I finally left with Frostwinked and Young Venus.

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Frostwinked Young VenusMAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Swatches

Young Venus is a Dusty Pink shade which has the loveliest pastel glimmer to it when it catches the light. Frostwinked is a cute pearl shade which has a twinkly highlight effect to it. Both shades have a slight highlighter vibe to them and I have tried them both on my cheeks where they work perfectly too. I do love a product with multiple uses, double win.

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow Frostwinked + Young Venus swatchesMAC Extra Dimension Review

I took the swatch photos above just before my holiday, when my hair was a lot pinker and my skin was a lot less tanned as you can probably tell ha! Both of these shades are really, really pretty. They aren’t as pigmented as the shades I usually go for, but the sparkle is just unreal and they are perfect for adding a little glow where needed. Above I used Young Venus all over the lid and popped Frostwinked into the corners for a really simple effect.

The eyeshadows last for a good few hours before they start to budge. Granted they aren’t the boldest of colours, but the glitter is still there at the end of the day and it isn’t completely gathered in the creases. I have mainly been using these to create the sparkliest highlight to my eye looks, they are so good to just swipe over when I am tired to make me look more awake too!

Both of these are so pretty and I am glad that I picked them up. Hopefully MAC will keep it going with the good collections now and I can be tempted some more! Did you manage to pick anything up from the Extra Dimension collection? ❤


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