Five Little Things #10

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Wow, it’s been a good while since I last did a Five Little Things post hasn’t it?! I know I say this every year, but this year is just flying by. I can’t quite believe it is November next week, I am so not ready, I haven’t even picked myself up a pumpkin yet. With the Winter evenings creeping in, it’s definitely time that I need to think of the nice little things that are cheering me up. This week has really taken it out of me, I have just felt super tired and in much need of the weekend. These little things have made me happy lately though…

1 – Being Married – Obviously, this is the main thing making me happy lately. Although the thought of it all being over makes me a little sad too. Looking through photos is cheering me up no end at the moment though. As we already lived together and we’re pretty much an old married couple anyway, nothing has really changed for us which is lovely, I still can’t get used to being called Mrs though!

2 – Cute Halloween – I’ve mentioned before that I love cute versions of Halloween. I hate anything scary or being scared, but find me a cute version of a vampire or ghost and I am there. I managed to pick up some of the cutest bits in Asda lately, which will definitely be staying out after Halloween.

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3 – Makeup – I am trying to make a conscious effort to get up a little earlier and play around with makeup a bit more. I seem to be doing alright so far and it’s definitely making me happier in the mornings.

4 – Orange Twirls – I went on a tour of Co-ops to hunt these babies down and finally I found them. I must say I am in LOVE. Twirls aren’t normally my favourite chocolate bars at all, but add orange into the mix and they are the best. They aren’t too orangey which might be a bad thing for some, but I really am enjoying them.

5 – Cute Halloween Films – I have loved watching cute little Halloween films at the moment. So far I have done, The Nightmare Before Christmas (of course!), The Addams Family and next on my hitlist is Corpse Bride.

I really enjoy reflecting on the things that have made me happy and I really needed it this week. It’s always good to think of the things that have put a smile on my face. What are the little things that have been making you happy? ❤


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