Monthly Wishlist • June

june 2019 wishlist

Happy June everyone! I’m still trying to get over the fact that it’s June and we are over halfway through already. Although being a little closer to payday is never a bad thing. It always gets to this point of the month and I am painfully counting down the days. June has been whizzing past quickly though, so I haven’t felt like I have been counting for too long. I have found myself a few little items that will be on my treat list when the time comes though…

Alien Charm / Pandora – ooooooooo this charm is just the absolute best. I love it so much. The Aliens have been my favourite Toy Story character since the beginning of time and this charm is just perfect. I think I need him added to my bracelet immediately.

Pokémon Sword / Game – I CANNOT WAIT for the new Pokémon game to come out. We are definitely going to go for Sword after finally agreeing which version to get. Ever since we got a Switch, we have been playing Let’s go Eevee constantly (probably because thats the only game we have still lol) but it’s made us so excited for the new release.

MAC ‘Electric Wonder’ Collection – How pretty is this?! Finally MAC packaging that I really like. MAC collections that I fall in love with, seem to be very few and far between lately but this one is right up my street. It is just so pretty.

Groot Dress / EMP – You can’t see it from far away, but this dress is covered in the cutest little Groot pattern. It is super cute and the style of the dress is right up my street too.

Patrick Star Funko Pop / EMP – How amazing is this Funko Pop! Patrick’s personality is captured so well, the blank look on his face is spot on. I think this will be added to my collection very soon,

Hamm Mug / Disney – I need this mug in my life. I love a novelty mug and this one would look perfect on my desk at work.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Gel – I love the look of this gel. The Heavy Metal range is one of my favourite’s from Urban Decay, it is just so twinkly and perfect. I have a fair few of their liners, but really want to try the gel, from the swatches I have seen, they are packed with glitter.

Have any of these items taken your fancy this month too?


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  1. 19th June 2019 / 6:02 pm

    Eee I always love reading your monthly wish lists! 😀

    First of all YES I’M EXCITED FOR POKEMON TOO! 😀 I don’t quite know whether I want Sword or Shield yet. I want to see what the exclusive Pokemon will be for each game first. That being said I plan to get both anyway as both me and my boyfriend plan to play it together. 😀

    Did you know – you’ll get it cheapest on Smyths as if you pre order to collect in store you save £5! 😀 So the game would only cost – £44.99! 😀

    Have you seen the Animal Crossing game coming out on the Switch? I’m so excited for that!!! 😀

    • Emily
      23rd June 2019 / 10:37 pm

      Ahh thank you lovely 🙂

      Ooooo I did not know this! I will get pre-ordering haha. Thank you 🙂 I am so excited for Animal Crossing too, I need to get saving aha!