Pop in a Box • December

Gold Chrome Iron Man Funko Pop in a Box

I had a horrible thought when I opened this month’s Pop in a Box. It came just before Christmas and silly me hadn’t been onto the website in a while to select the Pop’s that I wanted or didn’t want. When I opened the box, I saw this little guy staring back at me and had a sinking feeling that it was one that my mum had got Lewis for Christmas. I know this had happened with one of my other monthly Pops, so I convinced myself that it had happened again. Annoyingly he was sat next to me, so had already seen what was in the box. I was scared to text my mum after last time, but luckily I must have got confused as she definitely hadn’t got it for us. PHEW!

Gold Chrome Iron Man Funko Pop in a Box

After all of that drama, I can reveal that the Funko Pop that I opened this month was Iron Man Gold Chrome edition. That sounded like I was hosting a gameshow there ha. I absolutely love these chrome Marvel Funko Pop’s that have been released as part of the Studios 10th Anniversary collection. The Baby Groot and Iron Spider are just amazing. Although this is another collection that I definitely won’t be able to keep up with. They are just so shiny and pretty though, so I will give it my best shot. The only thing is that they are fingerprint magnets, you just look at them and they get covered in fingerprints. As I keep my Funko Pop’s out of their boxes, I feel like I am going to be wiping them every time I walk past!

I mainly wanted this one for Lewis as he is such a huge fan of Iron Man. He isn’t one of my favourite heroes, so he was pretty chuffed when I handed it over to him. ❤


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