Five Little Things #4

Five Little Things baby groot funko pop

I am currently sat here wondering what on earth is going on with this weather. I have been caught a couple of times leaving work this week wearing Summer clothes in the rain, as the weather has instantly changed halfway through the day…Annoying! Anyway, I’m sure this happens every year, I just never seem to get any better at preparing.

Since my last Five Little Things post, there has been so much that has been making me happy for a change, which is such a good thing! I have narrowed it down to just five things, but I’m sure I will hit you with some more pretty soon!

1 – Colour Freedom Hair Dye – It’s mad to think that I have been dying my hair crazy colours for well over 3 years. Sometimes I don’t really know how I have hair still on my head LOL, hopefully it means the countless masks and hair restore products are doing the trick. One of the best dyes I have discovered lately are by Colour Freedom. In fact, the blue I am currently sporting, the purple I just had and the pink before that have all been by Colour Freedom. I use their pastellizer mixed with the dye to create the shade I want and the dye itself lasts ages on the hair too, bonus! The only problem is that because it is so good, I keep wanting to change to try new shades.

2 – Sequin Scrunchie’s – Keeping in with the hair theme, I am totally in love with sequin scrunchies lately. You will find me 80% of the time with my hair plonked up in a sequin scrunch of some form. I find them perfect for days when you don’t want to make too much effort with your hair, but you still want to have some of that sparkly goodness.

Five Little Thing's Ursula Funko Pop

3 – Diamond Collection Funko Pops! – It was like Funko read my mind when they started to release glittery Pop’s. I couldn’t think of anything better than combining glitter with Funko Pop’s. I wouldn’t want every Pop in glitter, but they seem to be releasing the best one’s so far. I am trying to limit myself to my absolute favourites, but when EMP announce a glittery Jack Skellington and Maleficent in one week, it is testing my willpower!

4 – Seasonal items in shops – I absolutely love it when the shops start getting the Halloween and Christmas items in. I know most people think it’s too early, but I love having a browse through it all. It’s nice to be able to look peacefully before the festive rush begins anyway. I am really enjoying the fact that there are so many Halloween items this year too, each year the range’s seem to get bigger and I am here for it. Especially all of the sugar skull items.

5 – Procreate – I downloaded Procreate on my iPad a few weeks ago and it has been instant love. I have always had a huge love for drawing, I have such a creative mind, but since leaving school (LOL I just had a slight panic about how many years that actually was!) I haven’t really found the time. I find drawing so relaxing, so I have tried to free up at least an hour a day to doodle away. Hopefully you saw the little Meowth doodle that I shared over on Instagram last week. I am having so much fun learning how to use it, it is just so clever.

So, these are the five little things I have been loving lately, these posts are definitely going to become a more regular feature on here. I really enjoy writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them just as much! ❤


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  1. 30th September 2018 / 9:13 pm

    I’m obsessed with the glitter pop dolls! They look so so cute and that Ursula one is absolutely amazing!