Pop in a Box • September

pop in a box september ian malcolm funko

Yayyyyyy, my Pop in a Box is finally here! I don’t know if it is just me, but I swear they seem to be getting later each month. But on the same note, how are we nearly at the end of September!? I seem to say this daily but this year is flyyyying. Anyway, after a bit of a drama with the Post Office not letting Lewis pick this up for me, as we have different surnames (which has never happened before?!) I finally have September’s Pop…

pop in a box september ian malcolm funko pop

This month I opened Dr Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park. I absolutely love him. I treated myself to the Exclusive laying down version a few months ago which is just as cute, but this was another nice little surprise through the door. Jurassic Park really is one of those iconic films, the theme tune, the effects, the characters, everything is just great. Ian Malcolm is without doubt one of the best characters too, like most people I love Jeff Goldblum!

Annoyingly though, I have found myself with a Pop that isn’t very well made at all. I love him, but his glasses are painted so badly and he is covered in so many marks, it’s really annoying. That is the only downside to ordering Funko Pop’s online, you can’t check for any damage before you buy them. It could be worse though, I don’t even think a few marks can take away his cuteness!

This Pop couldn’t have come at a better time really, as me and Lewis are off to see Jurassic Park at The Royal Albert Hall with a live orchestra at the end of the month. I AM SO EXCITED! The thought of hearing the theme tune live is giving me shivers already. ❤


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