Pop in a Box – January

bashful pop in a boxI don’t know what it is with Pop in a Box, sometimes they come really early in the month and sometimes they are super late. As you can probably guess, this pop was one of the late ones. I mean this is January’s little treat arriving in February *eye roll* ha. I don’t actually mind too much, I just get a little impatient if I am waiting for something and it is late. I do seem to have a little theme going on with Pop’s at the moment, I wait ages for a certain character and then 2 similar ones come along one after the other. The past few months, I seem to have had a little Snow White theme going on. Not only did I get Doc last month, but I got one of his little pals this month too.

bashful funko pop

As you may have guessed, I opened the adorable little Bashful. He is totally just as cute as Doc, with his sweet little outfit and pose. All of the dwarves are quite sweet in their own little way and I think they would look so good lined up together. Although I think it may be a little overkill if I started receiving them every month.

Bashful is perfect though, the way he is standing and what he is wearing is spot on. I always remember from the film that he has his hands tucked behind his back and little rosy cheeks and I love the way that this Funko is just like that too.

I’m thinking of putting Snow White in the middle of my shelf and Doc/Bashful either side. That is when we get around to decorating of course. I really need to do this soon as most of my Funko’s are still at my parents house and I miss them a little bit.


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  1. 6th February 2018 / 3:58 pm

    OK, now that is SO cute!!!!
    I have a wee teddybear version of bashful and it holds a wee special place in my heart 🙂
    Gillian xx Eyelinerflicks.com