Monthly Roundup • February

Monthly wishlist February 2021

Yesss to March, one of the best months of the year. Spring is here, lighter evenings are coming and everything is just a little better when the sun is out. February just whizzed by, I didn’t really manage to take photos of anything other than the fur babies…shock. The month’s are just merging now aren’t they, hopefully Boris is right and it won’t be long before everything is normal and fine LOL. I’m probably one of the most optimistic people out there, but even I have my doubts over these timelines, we will see though. I would love to be proved wrong. Anywayyyyy moving on swiftly, February was actually quite a nice month.

I played around with my photo style, treated myself to some new props and took thousands for photo’s just for fun. I’ve played around with editing styles too and I am actually *enjoying* creating content again. I am creating content that I like and trying not to focus on what I think other people like and I think that helps so much. Let’s hope this continues!

Carrying on from last month, I started to put myself in front of the camera a bit more again too. I really want to work on my confidence and I think it may just be working a little. As it was Pokémon Day too, I needed an excuse to pose with my favourite Meowth plush – that I would have had 20 years this year, sorry what?! I remember getting him for my 10th birthday and made sure I kept him safe when I moved out and everything. Who would have thought 20 years later I would have a real life Meowth sat with me too.

Hot Cross bun season is upon us. I absolutely love them, give me all the flavours to try out, I’m not fussy. You can’t beat the classic ones though. Although I did try Honeycomb and Chocolate from Aldi recently and they are LUSH. As it is food related Frank wants to be involved all the time too, sitting staring at you as if he hasn’t eaten in weeks, little piggy.

Like every month, the pets have pretty much helped me through. Misty has taken to sitting with me in the day whilst I am working and I love it. She has a blanket right next to my screen and rolls over for a little head rub every now and again. Well when she isn’t trying to eat the fairy lights I have now had to take down.

I have a good feeling about March. It’s Lewis’ 30th, the clocks change, I have a few days holiday and Spring is well and truly on it’s way! ❤


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