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Holographic Pink pigment

Hello new nails.

I realised the other day that I haven’t done a nail post in absolutely ages. I still gel them all the time, but have become rubbish at taking photos lately. I usually remember just as they start lifting and I am ready to do a new set. Hopefully, it’s new year, new me and all that jazz, so I want to start being more organised again now. I will start by showing you what I currently have on my nails and hopefully I get into a routine again ha.

I bought this Canni gel polish in shade 044 when I was looking for a spring like pink and that is exactly the way I would describe this shade. I am so impressed with all the Canni polishes I have tried, as you can read in my review of this cute little purple shade. They last so well and have that super glossy finish that you expect with gels. As I am still not over the Christmas sparkle, I decided to team it with my favourite pink holographic pigment that I picked up from eBay aka nail pigment heaven.

Holographic Pink swatch

I forgot to take a photo before I added the pigment, but the colour is exactly the same shade as the bottle. Which is another thing I love about the Canni shades, you can see the exact colour you are going to get before you paint your nails. I will do a review of this shade separately too, as I feel it deserves a little post to itself. I always seem to choose this baby pink pigment, the shade goes with everything and it looks pretty simple, but when they sun hits, OMG is it sparkly! It’s like a baby pink disco nail party going on. I just love holo pigment so much. Normally, the shade changes slightly depending on the colour used underneath, but this pigment stays pretty much the same shade. This can be good though, as I always know what I am getting here.

These were actually the nails that I did for my wedding too, so they will always have a special place in my heart. This is probably why I keep getting drawn back to them, but they are just so pretty. ❤


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