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Holographic Teal Pigment

I have said a few times now that I was going to start showing my bargain gel nail polish and pigment finds on here, but I seem to be losing track of time like nothing else lately. It probably doesn’t help that I treated myself to a Nintendo Switch, so I am a little absorbed in Lets go Eevee at the moment! I never thought time could fly so much, but playing Pokémon for 3 hours feels like 5 minutes and before I know it, the day has gone. I have managed to pull myself away to get back to blogging though and start my little nail series as promised…

My love of gel nail polishes has grown so much lately. I don’t know why it took me so long to jump on the gel train, but once I started to gel my nails at home, I was hooked. I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to normal nail polishes again, I am a sucker for chipping freshly painted nails within an hour of painting them, so gel is perfect for me. I now manage to get them to last 2 weeks before they start to peel which is magical.

gel nail polish pigment

After picking up some nail polish sets on Amazon, I have now fallen into a little pigment obsession. I just find pigment so clever, especially the chrome and holographic types as they change dependant on the shade underneath. The nail wheel above, shows the pigment on white, teal and black and it is slightly different with each. One of the first pigments I picked up was this Teal Holographic powder which is the dreamiest thing ever…

gel nail polish pigment review

I popped the teal pigment over Lavender Violets ‘Dynasty Green’ to give it a bright teal pop. I couldn’t quite capture the full effect, as these are dazzling in the sunlight and let’s face it, we haven’t really had any of that lately. They sparkle like a little mermaid tail and the glitter is insane too, like blue rainbows on my fingers.

I have got all of my pigments from eBay for under a pound, so I will link in these nail posts where I can and you can share the joy! I thoroughly recommend this pigment type, it is so easy to use and I have the pink too which is just as good and will make an appearance soon.


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  1. 18th May 2019 / 3:42 pm

    They look amazing! I love that colour

  2. 5th June 2019 / 12:05 am

    I love how you are into gel nail polish! I was into it for a couple of months but then I stopped due to how hard it is to get the gel polish off of your nails without either soaking for a life time, or picking it all off.

    I really want to get back into it so I can use holographic powder over various coloured polishes. 🙂

    I love this post so much for tips and ideas! Any on how to remove polish easily? 🙂

    • Emily
      23rd June 2019 / 10:39 pm

      Ahhh that is the only problem. Once they start peeling, it is so easy to pick them off. The holo powder is so fun! 🙂

      Soaking is the only way I have found, although I have seen a peel off base coat around that I want to try as that would make it so much easier.