Taking The Rough With The Smooth

edward scissorhands funko pop

Woah that title is a little deep isn’t it! I didn’t mean for it to sound so dramatic, I just wanted a little ramble as I feel we haven’t had a good old catch up in ages!

Life in general is pretty good at the minute, although I hate admitting it as something usually ends up going wrong. I’m not a cynical person at all, just super unlucky. Honestly, if I was to tell you some of my life stories, you would think I had made them up. I could be the only person in a lottery and still manage to lose! In fact the minute I started to even think about writing this post, the boiler seems to have broken. SEE WHAT I MEAN!

I recently started to go through old blog posts to have a bit of a clear up. I came across a few posts from this time last year and I was not in a very happy mindset at all. I just constantly felt like I had a dark cloud over my head that I just couldn’t shake off. Even though at the minute it feels like I can’t catch a break, I’m still so much happier and that’s all that matters. Thing’s are gooood (well apart from the boiler!). I feel like I am back in my Emmy place and it feels amazing to be here.

Since coming back from holiday, I have tried to do things that make me happy. I have wanted to get back into drawing and doodling for so long, so I decided to treat myself (thank god for Apple finance aha!), I downloaded Procreate and my love affair began. What an amazing app, I am in love and also have a slight addiction to drawing Pokémon now.

emmyypops meowth drawing

You may have also seen I GOT A KITTEN. What was probably the most spontaneous Saturday in history, turned out to be the best. My persistant nagging finally paid off and Lewis caved in. I will do a separate post filled with all of the kitty goodness of course, but meet Misty.

misty the kitten

I decided to change Meowth’s instagram to include Misty as I have enough trouble keeping on top of my own, let alone adding another account. So if you want all of the cute kitty goodness, follow @meowth.and.misty over on Insta.

I am trying to prepare myself for the clocks changing, I absolutely hate it and suffer with SAD. Already the darker nights are starting and I am relying on my trusty lamp to try and help me out. Fingers crossed.

I don’t really know where I was supposed to be going with this post, but I just fancied a chat really. What has been making you all happy lately? ❤


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  1. 21st October 2018 / 3:54 pm

    AGHHHH Misty is the most adorable thing EVER. And it’s great that you’ve been feeling better – I read my old blogposts and actually feel like I was at a happier time then, than now. Lmao.

  2. 28th October 2018 / 10:53 pm

    Your kitten is so cute!

    Will you be writing anything up about that procreate app? I recently got a new iPad + pencil and would love to know a bit more about it.

    Hahah I cant stand looking at really old blog posts, total cringe fest, 😆