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I have really struggled finding the time to blog lately. Little jobs that normally take 5 minutes seem to be taking forever and I just seem to spend most of my time dilly dallying around. I really need to get faster at doing things, well more organised at least. I am the least time productive person around at the weekends and then before I know it, it’s over. I need to get better at this somehow. During my time of doing nothing, I realised that I haven’t done a ‘5 things I love’ post in a long while, so thought I would change this and maybe even make it a regular thing again.

So, here are 5 little things I have been loving lately..

1 – Pancakes – I forgot how good they tasted! I don’t really have pancakes at any other time of the year apart from pancake day, but think this might change. I mean, why would I not take advantage of the Nutella jar throughout the year. This year I had a mixture of lemon and sugar/Nutella, that was for the second batch anyway as I completed ruined the first aha.

2 – New Funko Pop Releases – I need to unfollow all Funko Pop accounts on social media immediately, as I don’t think it is good for my health. There are wayyyy too many Funko’s that I need now and my wishlist never seems to get any smaller! It’s the Disney ones that get me especially. The new Monsters inc. and Hercules collection are calling me.

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3 – The feeling of Spring – I love this time of year. The evenings get lighter, the air feels fresher and everything just seems so much brighter. I have been struggling with SAD such a lot this winter and can feel myself slowly start to feel like my old self again. Bring on Spring.

4 – Cute Packaging – I seem to have a little collection of cute bits of packaging laying around everywhere. I am such a hoarder, but it comes in handy when I need blog props. That’s my excuse anyway.

5 – Hair colour changes – My hair has changed again, yayyyy. It always gets to this time of year and I feel the need for a change, I am back to lilac natural colour.

I really enjoyed writing this, it gives me a chance to ramble on about things I love which is one of my favourite things to do. What are 5 things you have been loving lately?

five little things


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  1. 25th February 2018 / 8:58 pm

    I’m loving this post! I’m also really excited for spring and after going on a short walk around the area with friends, it’s just making me so excited for spring and summer this year!

    I can also relate to the Funko Pop’s, but my addiction is with Nendoroid figures. GOODBYE MONEY! 😛

  2. 28th February 2018 / 7:24 pm

    Are they the Cath Kidston hand creams in the photo? I got given them at Christmas and they are so lovely! I’m looking forward to spring too. V x