My Top Posts of 2017

top posts of 2017

I really enjoyed writing a roundup of my top posts last year as it gave me a nice chance to reflect on another blogging year gone by. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and look back, to see how much things have changed, improved and grown. I am so proud of where my blog is right now, it still amazes me that I have managed to stick to it for such a long time and love it just as much, when usually my attention span is the same as that of a goldfish. As I moved over to WordPress this year, I have managed to lose a lot of my data (serves me right for doing it myself – whoops!) so instead of showing you my most popular posts in terms of views, I thought I would show you my favourite posts of the past year. These are posts that I have enjoyed creating, made me smile or I am most proud of.

This year has been a bit of a funny one blogging wise for me. Moving out took a big chunk of my time up and it took me a long while to get settled in, so sadly this blog took a back seat for a good few months with a few posts here and there. I’m settled in and raring to go for 2018 now though, but in the meantime, check out my favourites so far this year…

top posts of 2017 january

January – HP Sprocket Printer Review

I bought a Sprocket last Christmas and still really enjoy using it, when my niece isn’t trying to use all of the paper up with selfies. I like to print off little photo’s of Meowthie to hang on my peg lights like a crazy little cat lady. Read my review above!

top posts of 2017 february

February – Ariel Pop in a Box

February saw me start my collection of swishy Princess dress Funko Pops. Once I got Ariel, I couldn’t resist the others and she now has a few little Princess pals that sit with her.

top posts of 2017 march

March – 10 Facts About Me

I really enjoyed writing this post and you guys seemed to enjoy reading it too! I think a few more of these types of post will be appearing in 2018.

top posts of 2017 april

April – Urban Decay ‘Purgatory’ Liquid Lipstick

Ahhh, the lipstick that made me fall in love with vampy lips all over again. This is still one of my favourite lipstick purchases this year.

top posts of 2017 may

May – When A Gig Takes You Back In Time

In May, my mind was blown when I went to see CKY. I bought Lewis tickets, but really they were for me too.

top posts of 2017 june

June – Monthly Wishlist

This wishlist is just so me. I mean they all are as I make them, but some of them stand out a lot more than others. I think it’s the Jigglypuff makeup that sold this one to me.

top posts of 2017 july

July – Kat Von D ‘Bow n Arrow’ Set

I loved this set and can’t wait to invest in more Kat Von D makeup in 2018. This lipstick surprised me with how wearable it really is.

 top posts of 2017 august

August – Pink Hair, Don’t Care

August saw me making the plunge into the world of pink hair. My hair is dark pink now, but this post makes me want pastel hair again, what a dilemma!

top posts of 2017 september

September – Monthly Wishlist

I still really need these Snow White Funko’s and the Ariel bikini is just perfect. I probably need to save for a holiday before I start buying new bikinis though!

top posts of 2017 october

October – Meowth

Obviously October had to be for Meowthie – the cute little being that has completely changed my life.

top posts of 2017 november

November – Simba Pop in a Box

I love The Lion King, but didn’t have any pops in my collection until November’s Pop in a Box came along that is.

top posts of 2017 december

December – Monthly Wishlist

I think the one thing I love more than a normal wishlist, is a Festive one. That Pusheen tee still needs to be in my life.

I had so much fun making this post, I really enjoyed looking through old posts and seeing how this blog has changed. Thank you all for the love you have shown me, not just over the past year but the past few years. Happy New Year! ♥

Link me your own favourite posts from this year below so I can have a read too 🙂


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  1. 30th December 2017 / 9:21 pm

    I love these kind of posts, now I have so many posts from the year just gone to go through and read.

    Happy new year and best wishes for 2018! Chloe x