Michael Kors ‘Wonderlust’ Perfume

I have decided to try and mix up my range of perfumes lately. Growing up, I have always really stuck to the same scent, once I found one I liked, that was it for a good few years before I dared to try another one. This year I am trying to branch out and be more adventurous, (lol) so as one bottle runs out, I am going to replace it with a completely different smell to see how that goes. This time I decided on Michael Kors – Wonderlust.

I fell in love with this when I was wondering around the shops a few months ago, the smell took me back to being younger. I’m not too sure why, maybe it is similar to a perfume my mum used to wear. Even though I liked it, it was way too expensive but I knew that my parents were going on holiday, so asked them to pick it up for me in duty free as it was sooooo much cheaper.

Wonderlust is such a beautiful scent. I would probably wear it the most in summer, but it could definitely be worn all year round. It isn’t too heavy, the scent is slightly floral and you can really smell the Jasmine and Bergamot within. This lasts for absolutely ages before it starts to fade and even when it does fade, it just brings out the Jasmine more. I like a perfume that I can still smell hours later and this does the trick perfectly.

I really like the design of the bottle too, it is simple and pretty and reminds me of a sunset. If anything, it is slightly more subtle than the Moschino bottle that I loved before here. I will definitely buy this again, not before trying other perfumes first though of course. ♥

Available from Boots and Debenhams.

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