les creations parfums de givenchy

les creations parfums de givenchy
givenchy perfume set

As you saw in my duty free post, I picked this set up on the way home from Cyprus. I originally went on a hunt for a big bottle of ‘Very Irrésistible’ as it is one of my all time favourites, but when I saw this cute little set I couldn’t resist. I like to change my perfume a lot, so miniatures are perfect for me.

Here is what this set includes…

givenchy very irresistible

Very Irrésistible
Like I said this is one of my favourites anyway. I remember my mum getting me a bottle when I was younger and I have loved it ever since. It is a very sweet scent and smells very floral and fruity, a perfect summer fragrance.

givenchy ange ou demon le secret perfume

Ange ou démon le secret
This scent is nice and floaty, it makes me think of clouds for some reason. It has a bit of a citrusy vibe to it.

givenchy organza perfume

This is quite a rich, strong scent. It makes me think of Christmas as it has a bit of a cinnamon tone to it. This smells very old fashioned, like my mum used to wear when I used to sit with her whilst she got ready for work. This is definitely the winteriest perfume in the set.

givenchy eaudemoiselle perfume

This is the lightest scent in the collection. It has a very light hint of fruit and flowers together, like apples and pears. Definitely a Spring scent.

givenchy dahlia noir perfume

Dahlia Noir
This smells very similar to eaudemoiselle, but slightly stronger. This has more of a floral scent to it and smells slightly like vanilla.

This collection is so varied and I will use every perfume in it for all different occasions. All of the smells flow nicely together and are very ‘floaty’ except Organza which breaks it up as it is a lot deeper.

I love trying new perfumes and think these little sets are perfect when you like to mix it up a bit. Even when the scent has all gone, the bottles are too cute to throw away so they will be used as decoration *cough* hoarder *cough* ♥


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