Practically Perfect Disney Clothing and Accessories From TruffleShuffle *

The Little Mermaid TruffleShuffle Flatlay * Contains PR products from TruffleShuffle

Now if you have been reading my posts for a long time, you will know how much I absolutely adore TruffleShuffle. They feature on nearly every monthly wishlist and I am constantly scouring their website to see what new bits I can find. So when I was sent some items from them, I couldn’t believe my luck.

I am constantly adding Disney to my wardrobe, I love nothing more than a Disney tee and a patterned skirt/trouser combo and don’t even get me started on pyjamas. I think 95% of pyjama sets I own are Disney. I like to sprinkle a little bit of Disney in most outfits, whether its day or night, I can’t seem to help it.

I was sent a The Little Mermaid tee which is so, so perfect for me. It’s an oversized style and is perfect to dress up or dress down. I thought I would show you 2 different ways I would wear it, so you can see how versatile it is.

The Little Mermaid TruffleShuffle Outfit

First up I paired it with the sparkliest skirt I own. I love a slogan tee with a dressed up skirt, as it makes the outfit dressy but not too over the top. Paired with a heel (lol I can’t remember the last time I attempted a heel?!), it’s nice and dressed up and with a trainer it keeps it nice and casual. I usually always go for the trainer option though.

Next up, tucked into pair of jeans…

The Little Mermaid TruffleShuffle Flatlay Casual

This is another way that you are guaranteed to find me wearing a tee like this. Tucked into a pair of jeans, for ultimate casual comfort. I love outfits like this, again dress them up or down with accessories depending on the occasion.

I think Frank likes this outfit, as he wanted to get involved with the photos as always too!

The Little Mermaid Ursula Bottle TruffleShuffle

On top of the cutest tee ever, TruffleShuffle have the cutest accessories too. OMG this Ursula bottle is so me and it just so happens to go with both of those outfits perfectly. The Little Mermaid realness right there. Even better is the fact that it holds both hot and cold drinks, so all my warm tea dreams whilst walking Frank have come true.

After my day of dressing up, TruffleShuffle also have me covered when it is time to do my favourite activity of the day…sleep. I cannot tell you how much I love pyjamas, I wish every single outfit was as comfortable as a new pair of PJ’s. People moan about getting pyjamas and socks for Christmas, but honestly that is the dream! There is nothing better than popping a film on (Disney obvs) and snuggling up in a pair of comfy jammies.

Dumbo TruffleShuffle PyjamasTruffleShuffle Dumbo pyjamas

How cute are these Dumbo pj’s! They are so soft and comfy and perfect for a movie night, the colours are just the sweetest too. I’m gunna be honest, I can’t watch Dumbo without shedding a few tears, but luckily these pyjamas make me happy, not sad!

Do you like to add a bit of Disney into your outfits? Please tell me you do and I am not the only one! ❤

* These items were kindly sent to me by TruffleShuffle, as usual all thoughts are my own. Read my full disclaimer here.

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