Monthly Wishlist • June

Monthly Wishlist June 2021

I don’t really know how we over halfway through June already. This year is going so quick, but super slow at the same time, it’s crazy. I don’t think the weather helps either, at the beginning of the week I was burning and now it’s torrential rain. Typical! Being stuck inside has made me find lots of things for this months wishlist though…

Scar Loungefly Bag / Pop in a Box – This bag is just the best. There is something I love to hate about Scar, He is totally one of my favourite villains, even though I hate him for killing Mufasa and he makes me cry every time. He is such a good baddie though. Loungefly bags are just the best.

NYX Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Festival’ – The shades in this palette are absolutely gorgeous. I love a bright eyeshadow and this palette ticks all the boxes. It is so refreshing to see a palette that isn’t completely nude too.

Ultimate Princess Ariel Funko Pop / Pop in a Box – I am so in love with all the Ultimate Princess Funko’s. After featuring Pocahontas on my last wishlist, the next one for me to swoon after is obviously my love Ariel. I love everything about this, it’s perfect and so colourful.

Huda Beauty Glow Obsession Mini Face Palette – I love Huda Beauty and I love a highlighter, so put them both together and voila. This gorgeous highlighter palette is very much needed and I am counting down the days until payday, so I can treat myself. The colours are gorgeous and I just need the sun to come back out for optimum sparkle time.

Ursula Mug / Truffle Shuffle – This mug is perfect. I love a new mug and this one is so cool. We recently had a mug cull at home though, so I don’t think I would be too popular if I started buying more. I would probably have to sneak them in one by one. This one is so different though and I love it.

Disney x Skinnydip Pegasus Makeup Bag – This is the cutest makeup bag ever. I love baby Pegasus and this is just gorgeous. I only really tend to use makeup bags like this when I go away though, so when I finally have a holiday booked, this will be the first thing I get. It’s just so pretty and I love the shimmer.

Would any of these bits be on your wishlist too? ❤


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