Monthly Roundup • March

march 2021 roundup

I wasn’t actually going to do a March roundup as I didn’t think I really did much to talk about. It wasn’t until I was looking through photos, that I realised March was actually a pretty full on month. I mean, I say full on, only a few things happened but in days where nothing really happens, even a few tasks feel full on now.

March was the month Lewis turned 30! It’s both of our 30th’s this year and obviously they are going to be nothing like we originally had planned *cry* waves goodbye at trip to Disneyland *cry*. Obviously, being in a lockdown it is a lot harder to get things planned, as I am more of a quick nip to the shop kinda girl. I did hold a little kids tea party for him complete with party rings and he seemed to love it though. I made 2 chocolate birthday cakes (the first one had a little melting accident) and I treated him to some doughnuts from a local doughnut shop – The House of Dough. Those doughnuts are just AMAZING, especially the Biscoff version.

My Chip photo got shared by Primark on Instagram! I know this isn’t really much to some, but OMG it made me feel so good. I’m trying to worry less about my content and post stuff I love just because I love it and having this happen, just made my year. I just feel so proud that they liked my little old photo enough to share it.

We have finally started doing the house up. After years of moaning that we are sick of the decorating, staring at the same 4 walls in lockdown has finally done us in and we have started the home improvements. I wallpapered the brick effect wallpaper in the living room and it is amazing what difference it makes now. I love it, we just need to sort out the accessories and curtains to finish the room off now. Oh and wait for the sofa, as we are currently living the deck chair life.

All of the pets seem to be obsessed with this peach blanket for some reason, doesn’t matter where it goes, one for them is normally on it. Maybe it is the colour.

If you have got this far, I told you my month was full on aha! Maybe April will be just as exciting, who knows?! I hope you are all having a lovely April so far! ❤


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