MAC Gilty Pleasure Eye Shadow Palette

MAC Gilty Pleasure Eye Shadow Palette

Even though my birthday was way back in May, I have finally found time in my hectic (definitely not hectic) lockdown life to show you the MAC Gilty Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette that I got as a present. It has been way too long since I did a beauty post though, so I am excited to show you this.

MAC Gilty Pleasure Eye Shadow Palette Review

The MAC Gilty Pleasure palette is a Selfridges Exclusive and the packaging has such a classy look to it. I love the gold and glitter effect to the lid, it reminds me of a cute little clutch bag. The palette is a nice size and really light to hold, it also has a mirror in the lid too – my favourite, yay!

Gilty Pleasure EyeShadow PaletteMAC Gilty Pleasure Eyeshadow Palette

The MAC Gilty Pleasure palette has a nice little mixture of Matte and Metallic shades going on. The shades are all pretty warm toned, which are my type of shades. I just find them so wearable with my skin tone. There is a nice blend of golds, nudes and pinks scattered on each row, finishing with a deep black shade.

MAC Gilty Pleasure Swatches

Totally Obsessed / Gilty Pleasure / Eternal Flame / Sinnamon / Copper Soleil

This row of the palette is full of the nudes and warm tones. You can’t really see it here, but I have swatched ‘Totally Obsessed’, honest! It is so close to my skin tone, you can’t really see it. ‘Gilty Pleasure’ is a nice bright gold, which swatches with brighter yellow tones and is perfect for adding that pop of colour. ‘Eternal Flame’ is a matte texture with burnt orange type tones to it. ‘Sinnamon’ is a lovely metallic nude with a slight rose tone to it and ‘Copper Soleil’ is a darker more bronzed version.

MAC Gilty Pleasure Swatches

Rose-Dipped / Caught Stealin’ / Tempestuous / Mink Wink / Midnight Feast

This row is more for the pink and rose eyeshadow lovers. ‘Rose-Dipped’ is one of the prettiest shades in the palette. It is made up of chunky rose glitter pieces, although it is also one of the hardest to pick up on a brush, so I find it easier to use my fingers. ‘Caught Stealin’ is a deep salmon shade, which is really pretty. ‘Tempestuous’ is a deep metallic rose shade which is also super pretty. ‘Mink Wink’ is a deep matte maroon shade which is perfect for a smokey eye. ‘Midnight Feast’ is a bold black shade.

MAC Gilty Pleasure Eye Shadow Palette Looks

You can create so many different looks with these Gilty Pleasure eyeshadows. I do like a palette with a little bit of variety and the shades in this one work so well together. One of the issues I did find though was that they don’t last too long before they start to separate in the creases on the lid. I completely forgot to use an Eyeshadow Primer though as you can see in the close up photo above.

I created a smokey eye with the nude shades in the top row of the palette and it worked really well. I love a shimmery gold eye and these shades work perfectly together. I am completely in love with ‘Rose-Dipped’ so created a look with this and some of the other shades from the bottom row. This is where the primer would have come in perfectly, as it is really needed with this texture.

I’m a little on the fence with this palette. The shades are all right up my street and there isn’t one I wouldn’t use in one way or another. Even ‘Totally Obsessed’ that you can’t really see, I can use for touching up or as a base. The metallic shades are my favourite as always but the matte finishes take a little more work. They tend to have a bit of a chalky feeling to them and take a good few goes before you get a decent amount of colour on the lid. It is just more time consuming than anything, especially when there are so many good matte finishes out there that don’t apply like this.

Overall, I would say the shades get a yes from me, but the finishes not so much! ❤


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