Monthly Roundup • July

monthly roundup july 2020

Yet again I am super late with my roundup post for last month. In all honestly, time is just running away with me lately. I can’t believe we are a week into August already. Next thing you know, we will be talking about the most wonderful time of the year…

As usual in this ‘new normal’, my months are hardly filled with the most exciting events, but here are a few things I have been up to in July…

Frank has now started going for walkies. He loves it when he gets going, but the effort to try and get him out of the house is just something else. Trust me to have the only dog that isn’t mad about walking anywhere ha. It’s so nice to get outside with him though even if I am the only one enjoying it.

I have started playing around with my editing style for Instagram a lot more and I love it. It’s so nice to be a bit more creative and I am just enjoying the app a whole lot more as a whole because of it. With everything I have gone in a loop of caring what people think, to not caring and back. I don’t know why, but I am trying to snap out of it and not care again as I feel like it is majorly holding me back.

I now have a makeup desk after years and years of wanting somewhere to sit and play. Even when I lived at home, I stood in front of the mirror to do my makeup. Lewis treated me and I just love it so much. I finally have a little beauty space just for me.

July was a bit of a funny month, looking back I can’t really remember much of it. I feel as though time definitely stopped still in March and I am just living in some sort of lockdown limbo at the moment. I know we are no longer technically in lockdown, but I still don’t feel comfortable going out at all. I have started to venture out a little more than I did before though. Mask in hand, I have taken my car to the garage and popped into 1 or 2 shops when I have needed something.

How are you all finding things at the moment? ❤



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