Monthly Roundup • August

Monthly Roundup August

Well August has been absolutely shocking. Like as if 2020 in general isn’t bad enough, August has just absolutely taken the biscuit. Something happened in my personal life that just knocked me for six a little bit and has just made 2020 that whole lot more unbearable than it already is. The only way is bloody up though and I know things will get better. This has definitely been a month of plodding through. My mind hasn’t really been with it, so I haven’t really posted on here for a while or done anything social really. I am trying to muddle through now though and am giving myself the little push needed to get going again.

A few things did help me through the month though…

I dyed my hair brown. After months of trying to cling on to the bleach and colourful mermaid vibes, my hair has had enough. I have gone back to my natural colour to give it a bit of a break and it feels so much better already. Mermaids can still have brown hair right?

The pets have really got me through August. They just seem to know when you are down in the dumps. The cats have been giving me cuddles and Frank just seems to know when I am needing a little extra snuggle.

I have spent the month drawing mainly and making paper flowers to take my mind off things. I have a habit of having about 5000 hobbies on the go at once to never finish them, so making flowers is the latest addition to the hobby family. They are so therapeutic to make though and I find myself losing hours to it.

Hopefully September brings a lot more happiness than August, as I really can’t wait to see the back of this month. ❤


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