Pop in a Box • June

Venomized Miles Morales

Well if that was June then I completely missed it! These lockdown months are just whizzing past for me now. I don’t even know if that is a good thing though, as I am just doing the same thing, day in, day out. I very nearly forgot to post about my Pop in a Box for June, as Lewis unboxed it and whizzed it straight upstairs. I managed to steal it back for photos though and here we are.

This month I opened Venomized Miles Morales. This makes such a change from the Disney Pops that I have been opening lately. Obviously, I know Marvel is Disney but I just mean like original Disney ha. Venom is one my favourite villains and I just love the venomized Funko Pops that are around. I kept this one ticked for Lewis mainly though, as I knew he would love it.

Venomized Miles Morales

This pop is just so cool, I love the detail on him and the evil Venom grin. I’m more of a Princess/cute character Funko Pop kinda girl, but Lewis is happy with this one which is what I wanted. Our Marvel shelf is looking pretty full now, we desperately need to start putting more shelves up soon! ❤


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