Five Little Lockdown Things

five little lockdown things

It’s been a while since I wrote a post in my 5 Little Things series, but I thought what better time to sit and reflect on the small things that are bringing joy than when I am sat cosy in my house during lockdown. Don’t get me wrong I have found parts of this lockdown to be absolutely draining, some days I am up, some I am down but mostly I am just plodding through. I am trying to find the positives though and thought I would let you in on a few things that have been bringing me joy whist I am stuck indoors.

1 – Relaxing – You know what, I never thought I needed this time to reset as much as I have. I am still working full time at home, but am finding it so much easier to relax in the evenings. Sometimes it’s hard to balance as I work in the living room at the moment and spend my evenings in there too, but now I have a routine it has been really lovely to just slow down and reset.

2 – Animal Crossing – I know it sounds silly, but Animal Crossing has helped me out so much during this lockdown. Especially at the beginning, as I was finding it really hard to get my head around everything so it is a nice place to just escape too. I find myself switching on for an hour or so a day and it is so nice to just escape for a little while.

five little lockdown things

3 – Changing to Totally Emily – I had wanted to change my blog name for ages. I just didn’t feel like I was The Mini Mermaid anymore and I had been toying with the idea for a long time. As I seem to have acquired an awful lot of spare time now, I thought it was the perfect time to sort it out. I did it all myself and worked through a ticklist, so I just hope I have done everything right!

4 – Pampering myself – I have taken this time to really look after myself and my body is totally thanking me for it. I didn’t realise how run down I was until I stopped and started taking care of myself more. These pamper sessions are going to continue well into the future now, I have made more time for myself and that isn’t stopping anytime soon.

5 – Binge Watching – I am SO, SO grateful for our Netflix and Disney+ subscriptions. I have managed to rewatch every season of Glee and I feel like that is my greatest achievement of lockdown. It really is the small things isn’t it!

So these are the things that have been making me happy lately. Beneath all of the negatives, sometimes it’s hard to remember there are good times too. What has been making you happy? ❤



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