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May 2020 Wishlist

Hello, hello, hello. I hope everyone is doing okay? I decided to take a few days away from everything and it has made me feel so much better. I absolutely love Social Media, but I really felt things were getting on top of me lately. There are some things that I feel so passionately about at the moment, but I felt myself getting wound up every time I went on and it really wasn’t helping my brain so I stepped back. I feel so much better for it now though AND it also gave me a few days to do something that I have wanted to do for ages, change my blog name. You may have noticed, but if not, hello Totally Emily. As much as I still love The Mini Mermaid, I feel like I had outgrown that name a little. I had wanted to change it for a while and decided now was the perfect time. Don’t worry this will still be a brightly coloured, geeky cute place, but it just feels a little more me. As it has been a while, I thought I would start of with a little wishlist of the cute things I have been in love with lately..

Alien Socks / Truffle Shuffle – I absolutely love new socks. The brighter and more fun the better. Nobody got time for boring socks. I love the feeling of putting a new pair of socks on too and these Alien socks are right up my street.

Huda Beauty ‘Diamond Balms’ / Cult Beauty – These balms look so pretty. I love all of the shades and the glitter makes them so unicorn-like. My lips are super dry from being indoors all the time, so I’m after all of the balms I can get at the moment.

Corpse Bride Funko Pop / Forbidden Planet – When I saw that Corpse Bride Funko Pops where being released, I couldn’t control my excitement. I have waited for these for so long and will definitely be snapping them up. They are just perfect.

Gremlins Tee / Bershka – I have been on the hunt for some cute tee’s lately and this Gremlins tee is perfect. I just love it. I’m not a huge fan of white t-shirts though, but I would make an exception for this beauty.

Morphe Cutie ‘Coral’ Palette – I am loving the shades in this palette. I am a sucker for anything sparkly and these warm toned colours are great for me. Perfect for the sunnier days that are coming our way..I hope.

Poison Apple Mug / Shop Disney – This mug is amazing. I love the poison apple and this turns green when it gets hot. The amount of tea I drink, it would be permanently green though aha!

I hope you are all enjoying this bank holiday weekend. ❤


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