Monthly Roundup • April

Monthly Roundup April 2020

I wasn’t going to do a monthly roundup post, cause you know, lockdown isn’t the most adventurous time of my life. But thought I would still show you some of the things I have managed to do over the April lockdown. Things that have actually put a smile on my face in the time when they are needed the most.

I don’t think anything makes me smile as much as a packet of chocolate biscuits will. I have had so many packets of ’emergency’ chocolate biscuits in the house, that are just getting gobbled like no tomorrow. I slotted right into the tradition of having tea and biscuits way too quickly and that is going to be such a tricky one to break when things go back to normal.

I know people say that cats are annoyed with their owners being at home during lockdown, but my two are completely different. I think it is the Bengal genes in them as they seem to forget they are cats sometimes and act more like little doggies. They haven’t really left my side during this whole lockdown and I have loved it, it’s been so nice to snuggle with my fur babies especially on days where I am feeling a little on the low side.

Christmas wax melts are taking me to my happy place too. Christmas is my favourite time of year and  I somehow have quite a few festive wax melts left over, so it has been lovely to light them in the evening and go to my happy place.

I seem to be going from one extreme to the other when it comes to makeup. I either go full on glam mode or wear nothing at all, there is no in-between. When it comes to comfort though, I haven’t actually worn a pair of jeans since this whole thing began. My life is either pyjamas or joggers and I don’t know if I will ever be ready for ‘dressy’ clothes ever again. I’m not even mad at that either.

For me Disney+ and Animal Crossing couldn’t have come at a better time. They have been a way for me to escape and I feel truly grateful that I have that. Some days I really struggle, but little things like that really do help me. I know I am super lucky and safe, so don’t want to come off complaining or anything but as I can imagine they have been for everyone, some days can be super hard.

I know this month hasn’t been as exciting as some, but you know what, I have actually enjoyed being inside. It’s been a nice opportunity to just reset and I feel like I really needed it.

I hope you are all doing okay and managing to stay safe and well! ❤



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