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Holographic Pink Pigment

sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!

I’ve been saying for ages that the next time I did my nails I would go full on sparkle fest. There is just something about glitter that makes me smile. I am a proper little magpie in the making. I have been grasping on to the smallest things that bring me happiness at the moment, so decided as glittery nails would bring me joy, I would make them as sparkly as I can. I am quite lucky that I usually gel my nails myself at home anyway, so have just been playing around a little bit more whilst we can’t get out.

This pink pigment is one of the first that I ever bought, along with the Teal version I showed you a little while ago. They are both still some of my favourite pigments as the sparkle is just unreal.

Holographic Pink Pigment Nails

I used this pigment over a bright red polish to make it a little bolder. I love nail pigments so much, they just seem to create a completely different kind of sparkle than regular glittery polishes. The good thing about pigments is the way they change ever so slightly depending on the shade underneath, so the possibilities are endless! This combo will always be one of my favourites though, I try so many different varieties but always come back to this one. It is just so pretty!

Holographic Pink Pigment Nail Review

I tried to get a photo of my nails in the sunshine, but the glitter is super hard to capture. You get the idea though, they are just over the top with sparkle, just how I like them. It’s surprising how easy pigment is to use, I think I might do a little tutorial at some point.

It’s funny how the tiniest little things can put a smile on your face in times like this! I have been pampering myself so much more at the moment and my body is thanking me for it so much.

What little things have been putting a smile on your face at the moment? ❤


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