Monthly Roundup • March

march monthly roundup

It feels so odd writing my March Roundup post when we had been in lockdown for half of it. March seemed like the longest month ever, but thinking back now it also feels like it has flown by too. Luckily I did manage to get a few bits done for the first half of the month, but as you can imagine the second half was nowhere near as exciting.

At the beginning of March, in a time before there was a lockdown, we went to West Midland Safari Park with my parents. it was such a lovely day out. I have been before and it really is a nice place to go. I love all of the animals there and it feels like a proper little adventure going around. You even get to feed the Zebras too!

I got the Huda Beauty ‘Nude Rich’ palette and it is BEAUTIFUL. This is the first item I have tried from Huda and it is so pretty. I can’t wait to show you it all properly.

Working from Home has been surprisingly easy for me. Before now, I had never done it before but I would say I am pro level now. I thought I would get distracted but I have set up my own little desk, a routine and blast out music every day, so I am totally in the groove.

We got Animal Crossing just after it was released and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Normally, I struggle finding time when I get a new game, but not at the moment! It has really helped having somewhere to escape when I am trying to avoid the news too. It is just such a happy and cute game, I can’t put it down.

The cats have been keeping me company so far in lockdown. You guys know I just love them anyway, but working whilst they are snuggling up to me is just so cute. Except when they start fighting in the middle of a video conference call and I have to split them up, that’s not fun.

I’m not holding out much hope for April’s roundup to be super eventful, BUT I have been taking lots of cat photos, so expect lots of those this month. I hope April treats you all well, Stay Safe. ❤


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