Pop in a Box • February

dr harleen quinzel funko pop

Doh, I am super late with my Pop in a Box post for February. I mentioned in my monthly roundup post that I was just feeling so out of sorts last month. I feel like I am finally getting there now, so things are slowly starting to get back on track. I say this, but as one thing gets better, another thing starts to appear. The news really isn’t helping my motivation at the moment, so I am going to try and distract myself with this little blog of mine and continue as normal. I hope it provides a little light relief for you guys too! I know it is such an anxious situation for us all, but we all need to stick together. My social media is always open if any of you need to talk!

Back to my little blogging bubble now and the reason for this actual post. I completely forgot about this little Pop to be honest. I have been on such a flow of getting Disney pops lately, that this one threw me a little when I opened it. I mean, in a good way though!

The surprise pop that I opened in February was Dr Harleen Quinzel.

piano exc dr harleen quinzel

This pop is super cute, although I probably wouldn’t have chosen her myself, she makes a welcome addition to my collection. I definitely forgot to untick her as I was going through my choices but now she is here, I actually really like her.

I really liked Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and I think Margot Robbie is the perfect casting. I liked the little backstory in the film showing her transformation from Harleen into Harley. The pop is such a good take on her, I think they have got her spot on. This is a Pop in a Box Exclusive, so I am super pleased to have received her in my monthly box.

I haven’t managed to see Birds of Prey yet, have any of you guys seen it? ❤


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