Monthly Wishlist • January

January 2020 wishlist

Well hello January, also known the worlds longest month. It already it feels like we are about 6454 weeks in, but sadly we are not even half way through and Christmas feels like a distant memory already. It’s not all bad though, as January is the perfect excuse for a reset and I have decided to do just that. I do want to change things up a little, but one thing I have decided that will stay the same are my monthly wishlists. I really enjoy writing them, so they will be sticking around a little longer.

As usual, a new month means a new wishlist,  so here are my favourite finds this month..

Morphe x Manny MUA Glam Palette / Cult Beauty – I am a sucker for a Morphe palette and this one is no exception. As much as I love a bright palette, the neutral shades in this one are so lovely. I am loving the pink tones and need to hunt it down immediately.

Little Miss Sunshine Sweater / Truffle Shuffle – This hoodie just looks so comfy. I love Little Miss Sunshine and it was always a toss up between choosing her and Little Miss Chatterbox when I was younger. I do love cosy clothes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons – I can’t wait for Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Switch. I haven’t pre ordered it yet, but I am hoping this will be the next Switch game that we manage to get. It just looks so cute!

NARS Inferno Eyeshadow Palette – I swatched this when I was out shopping the other day and OMG the glitter is gorgeous. My hand was like a glittery rainbow and it is just so pretty. The palette is a little on the pricey side though, so I will have to wait for the sales ha!

Scar Mug / Truffle Shuffle – I need this mug so much. Scar is one of the best villains and this quote is perfect. I think I need it in my life.

The Mandalorian Child Funko Pop / EMP – Ahhh Lewis has introduced me to The Mandalorian and I am hooked. Baby Yoda is just the cutest thing ever and this Funko is next on my hitlist.

I hope January isn’t too long for you all. We got this! ❤


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