Funko Time • Holiday Deadpool

Holiday Deadpool funko pop

I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas. I am thoroughly enjoying Chrimbo Limbo at the moment, but am so full of Turkey, Mince Pies and Chocolate that I don’t really know what to do with myself. Does that mean I am stopping with the junk food eating? No it does not. Healthy eating will start again for me in January as far as I am concerned, I may as well eat the 400 chocolate buttons whilst they are here, once they are gone I can’t eat them anymore ha. I was thoroughly spoilt by Santa too and am just so, so grateful.

Santa bought us some new Pop’s, so today’s Funko is a little addition that I got for Lewis. As it is still the festive season, I feel like it is the perfect time to show you who arrived. Say hello to Holiday Deadpool! Look at the little guy, he has a roast turkey dinner and everything.

Holiday Deadpool funko pop

The Marvel Holiday Funko Pops are so good this year. I couldn’t decide which one to get, but I thought Holiday Deadpool was just perfect. I just love everything about him. The Deadpool Pop’s definitely have a lot of character. The roast dinner with all the trimmings just makes it for me. His expression is great too, he just looks so chuffed.

I love the different versions of Deadpool that there are. This one is definitely one of my favourites, along with the Mermaid version of course. We have a little Deadpool section going on with our Funko’s now and I really like it. I am so excited for Deadpool 3 as this was confirmed this week too! ❤


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