MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick • Walk of Flame

MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick Walk of Flame

MAC collections have just got so much better lately. I mentioned in one of my latest posts how I hadn’t been interested in a MAC release in forever and now like buses, several beautiful collections have come along at once. The latest to catch my eye is the ‘Starring You’ Christmas collection. I noticed it when I was passing through John Lewis the other day and OMG, the packaging, shades and everything is just perfect. Not one to resist a good collection, I ended up getting the ‘Walk of Flame’ lipstick and ‘Stairs to the Stars’ eyeshadow which I will be popping up on here very soon.

MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick Walk of Flame Starring You

I am a sucker for packaging and this one ticks all the boxes for me. It is simple, but different. Some of the previous collections have had questionable packaging and shades, but MAC seem to have pulled it back with this one. I love the slight twist on the classic black bullet. The glittery lid makes it fit right in as being part of a seasonal collection without it being too tacky. Although, you know me and my love of glitter, the more the merrier as far as I am concerned, but I suppose they need to keep it classy for their less glitter obsessed customers.

MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick Walk of Flame ReviewMAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick Walk of Flame Starring You Review

Walk of Flame is the cutest berry red shade which is just completely full of sparkly, glittery bits. It really is perfect for the Festive season, which sounds like such an obvious thing to say but it does fit right in with the theme. I can’t describe to you how glittery this lipstick is, my photos just don’t do it justice at all. It is just so, so glitzy. I absolutely love the star shapes that have been embossed in the bullet too, they just make it a little bit more special and I think that is why I love this collection so much.

MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick Walk of Flame Swatches MAC Kiss of Stars Lipstick Swatch

To swatch, this lipstick keeps the Christmassy berry vibe. It does look a lot more red in the bullet, but it loses that slightly when you apply it. I am kinda glad though, as I think this makes the shade a lot more wearable. I find reds can be tricky sometimes, but when they lean more towards a berry shade they are a little easier to wear. For me, I think it depends on my hair colour at the time though, as some reds just do not go with my hair at all lol.

Review MAC Starring You Lipstick

I am so in love with Walk of Flame. The shade is totally up my street, the darker and vampier the better in my opinion. Once applied, this becomes less of a full on glitter shade and more of a metallic one. When you look closely, you can see the glitter within, it is just so pretty.

I was wondering how this would feel to apply as it is so jam packed with glitter. I have had glittery lipsticks before which have felt super gritty, but this one applied with a soft creamy texture. You can’t really tell that the glitter is there to be honest which is great. Walk of Flame lasted for hours before it started to wear around the inner edges. I managed to eat some pizza and have a cup of tea just after applying and it stayed put. Any lipstick that can put up with the amount of tea I drink has a huge thumbs up from me!

I know this will be getting used so much over the Festive season and I can’t wait! ❤


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  1. 21st November 2019 / 5:11 am

    Oh wow this lipstick looks stunning so glittery and shimmery, perfect for the holiday season xoxo