Funko Time • Bulbasaur

bulbasaur funko pop

I mentioned before when I showed you my Charmander Funko Pop, that I was lucky enough to nab the cutest little Bulbasaur too! I had been searching for the Pokémon Funko Pops for absolutely ages and managed to get 2 at the same time, perfect. I must admit that I never used to be the biggest Bulbasaur fan. When I was younger, I would always pick Squirtle or Charmander first and would never even look at little Bulbie. Eeeek! But as I have got older I fully appreciate his cuteness now and I regret my past decisions of leaving him behind.

This Bulbasaur Funko Pop is just the most perfect little guy. His cute facial expression and pose is just the best. I just cannot cope his little teeth either, they just make him look so adorable. Can you tell I am in love with him a little?

bulbasaur funko pop pokémonbulbasaur funko pop review

Bulbasaur is slightly smaller just like Charmander, which really adds to their sweetness. I really feel like Funko need to release all 151 0riginal Pokémon. I mean, how cute would a Snorlax look?! Bulbasaur sits perfectly next to Charmander at the minute too. I just need a few more to create a Pokémon shelf.

I am so excited to play Pokémon Sword on Switch too. I love Let’s Go Eevee and have been super excited for Sword ever since it was announced. All of the tweets I am seeing about it make it look amazing too, so I really can’t wait. I am hoping for it to go in the sales around Christmas, so I can pick up a copy to play over the Christmas break.

I am loving the Pokémon Funko Pop’s that are being released lately. I saw this week that Eevee is coming next and I need it in my life. She is definitely on my list to hunt down now! ❤


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