Monthly Roundup • September

september roundup

Well this is probably one of the most exciting monthly roundups that I have written. SO, SO, SO much has happened in September which makes a nice little change from the boring months that I usually seem to have. It feels like I have been plodding along for ages and then BANG I have an exciting month haha.

As you know, we went on the loveliest holiday to Crete, which I have written a little post about here. I’m not going to lie but I have only been back just over a week and I am missing the sun so much already. I don’t think I am emotionally ready for Winter, the blues have kicked in big time and I need to get back to the sun already. I miss the cocktails, sunsets and general relaxing.

We also got married! Yay. I am just so happy and absolutely loved retelling the whole story with you in this post. I still can’t believe I am Mrs Parker, I don’t think I will ever get used to being called that.

I think a hair colour change may be on the horizon soon. I have finally got it to the most perfect pink, but annoyingly it only seems to be lasting 1 or 2 washes before fading to a blonde shade. I think I definitely need to fix the condition of it before I make any drastic hair decisions though.

Meowth and Misty have been super cute too, they cuddle up together all the time and do the funniest things. They’re obsessed with the DVD tray opening and closing and they have knocked over our wedding cards hundreds of times now diving through them.

I know October is going to be nowhere near as eventful as September, but I’m quite looking forward to winding down and enjoying spooky month! ❤


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