Crete malia old town

If you have been following me on Social Media, you will know that I have just got back from my beautiful holiday in Crete. I might eventually get to a point where I stop sharing photos, but I don’t think this will be happening any time soon. In the spirit of photo sharing, obviously it would be rude for me not to pop a few photos on here too. I love Crete so much and want to share this beautiful place with you all.

Crete is quite honestly one of the prettiest places I have been. There is just something about Greece and the Greek Islands as a whole that are so, so beautiful. I have loved so many parts of Greece ever since I was little, I was very fortunate to be taken to so many lovely places growing up and it is definitely where my love of travelling has come from. Crete is just full of the loveliest places, food, tavernas and people. Oh and cats – lots of cats! You know me, I love a cat so the first opportunity to get a bag of cat biscuits, I was there feeding the little bubbas. It probably didn’t help that the cat that lived at the hotel had kittens and if I had enough money, you can bet I would have scooped the whole family up and brought them back with me.

Crete kittensCrete malia old town Crete koutouloufari

Overall, this was a pretty chilled holiday, filled with lots of sunbathing and food. We had a few days at the pool and a few days at the beautiful beach in Stalis. We did manage to have a few little wandering adventures though. One evening, we went to Koutouloufari which is the cutest little village filled with long windy streets, pretty tavernas and sweet flower arches. We spent hours wandering before stopping off at a lovely traditional taverna for some food. We thought it would be a good idea to sit at the top and appreciate the view, but we didn’t realise how windy it was and our food nearly got blown away aha.

Another day we walked to Malia to have a little mooch around. It’s funny as when people think Malia, you think teen party central but actually the old town is just beautiful. A bit like Koutouloufari it is full of cute little streets and houses, you just need to walk the opposite way to the strip of nightclubs and you are taken to this cute little old town. I fell in love with this village and we wandered around for hours before getting lost and finding our way back.

Crete cats Crete malia old towncrete sunset

Crete just has one of the best sunsets I have seen too. I haven’t even been back a week and I miss watching them already. I could happily sit and watch the sun going down everyday, I just feel so at peace and find it the best time for me to reflect. One thing I also forgot to mention about Crete is that we did a little thing and eloped to get married whilst we was there! I don’t know how I managed to get through a whole post without mentioning it aha, but it will definitely be getting a whole post of it’s own next! ❤


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